Running down the clock

I’m now just over 2 weeks from running the London Landmarks Half Marathon, raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society. My internal monologue on a typical day now goes a bit like this.



Do they know I moved? What if they don’t have my new address? If my race number is posted in race week it’ll get stuck in the redirection vacuum and it won’t arrive in time!

I can check. There’s still time. And sleep.


Safety pins! Do we have safety pins for my race number? Better buy some.

Might as well get up now.


On the train. Time to make a list of everything to remember to make sure I’m ready for the event. Got over 2 weeks to plan the last bits.

Blank page.

Cut toenails. A digging in toenail would be a disaster. It’s on the list.

Can’t think of anything else to write down now, dammit.



*checks race FAQs for zillionth time*

Yes. There will be toilets.


*Adds toilet paper to the list*

*Also safety pins.*


Toilets again. Becoming preoccupied with toilets or lack of toilets on race day.

What if I…..oh god…… do a Paula????


Blister plasters. Definitely need those in my race belt. *adds to list*

A peanut butter bagel. That’s probably best for breakfast.

Argh! Safety pins! Forgot to buy safety pins at lunch. Only 16 more days to get safety pins!


Google – show me nutrition plans for a half marathon

Good news! Carb loading is a thing!

Oh, but fibre. Don’t overdo the fibre too close to the race.

Don’t eat too close to the race

Be hydrated but don’t drink too close to the race




When’s my start time?

I don’t know yet. Few more days before I get that.

Surely the waves go on likely finish times and I’ll be in a later wave. Oh, what time did I estimate? Can’t remember, what if I went way too short? If I end up in with the real runners by mistake I’ll be mortified.


Lights out.

Weather! Rain? Sun? Snow? Who knows at the end of March, might be all three. Best buy some more gear just in case. Got shorts but they’re not the right shorts. Fine over a few km, but longer than that – CHAFING! AWFUL THIGH CHAFING.

New shorts will make all the difference.

And Vaseline.


SPONSORSHIP! *stomach churns*

So many people supporting me – can’t let them down

Won’t let them down

This is for all of us


Still awake

Light on

Write “safety pins” on post it by the bed. Put it next to yesterday’s post it that also says “safety pins”.

Finally drift off.

As it was always going to be, this Half has become my whole, and every possible thing that might impact my ability to finish is suddenly in my mind, random thoughts one by one or all of them all at once.

I’m so grateful to everyone who has sponsored me so far and humbled by the level of support. Please help me to help the Alzheimer’s Society to fight what is now the UK’s biggest cause of death (Dementia overtook heart disease for the first time in 2017), if you can spare a few quid.

My JustGiving Page explains why this cause is so important to me.


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